Esta es la lista de apariciones de Rory Williams.

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Doctor WhoEditar

Temporada 5Editar

Temporada 6Editar

Extras de DVDEditar

Temporada 7Editar



BBC New Series Adventures - Eleventh Doctor novelsEditar

  • The glamour chase
  • Nuclear time
  • The kings dragon
  • Hunter's moon
  • The way through the woods
  • Dead of winter
  • Touched by an angel
  • Paradox lost
  • Borrowed time
  • The silent stars go by
2 in 1 booksEditar
  • Dead riders / Heart of stone
  • System wipe / The good, the bad and the alien

Doctor Who The Official Annual 2012Editar

  • Rory's adventure

Historias publicadas por InternetEditar

  • Snowfall


Audiolibros de la BBCEditar

  • The eye of the jungle
  • Blackout


Doctor Who AnnualEditar

  • Buzz!
  • Attack of the 50ft Rory
  • The house of lights

Doctor Who Adventures Editar

  • Fist foot first
  • Random history
  • The salt solution
  • Rory's story
  • Sub-species
  • Quite interesting
  • Earworm
  • If you go down to the woods today
  • Ghost world
  • Power of the Mykuootni
  • Mine, all mine!
  • Golden slumbers
  • Sound bytes
  • Chasing rainbows
  • Pier gead from space
  • The evergreen death
  • The rage
  • The peace strike
  • Extinction event
  • Hot stuff!
  • The very cool bow tie!
  • Reality cheque
  • Road rage
  • The king and the tripeberry
  • Danger flight
  • Dinosaurs in New York!
  • Screamers!
  • Grow your own
  • The golesterkol collection
  • Missing in action
  • Peril on the sea
  • Rock quasar and the mudslugs of gurrn
  • Dino world
  • The upper deck
  • The moon of lost hope
  • Vacuun packed
  • Funny phone call!
  • The deadly mutant
  • The mutant turnip
  • The secret star trail
  • Agent 99
  • Dimension warp
  • The Kchrusivour gambit
  • Trapped in the pages of history
  • Dawn of the living bread
  • The Frankenstein particle
  • Dog of war!
  • Harvest of doom
  • The atomon invasion
  • Wait until morning
  • Humans aren't just for Christmas
  • Vengeance of the atomon
  • Picture imperfect
  • The home store
  • Cold comfort
  • Faster than light
  • The fairest of them all
  • New and improved
  • Malthill way
  • The demons of Repton Abbey
  • The punch & Judy trap
  • Buy, buy, baby!
  • Ghosts of the never-were
  • The parasites
  • Doomland
  • Buying time
  • Island of the Cyclopes
  • Trouble on the Orion Express
  • Dummy run
  • The mirror war
  • Ghost train
  • I scream
  • Le tour de death
  • The sky is falling!
  • The time gallery
  • The cliff face
  • Bumble of destruction
  • The light catcher
  • Dungeon of the lost
  • The intergalactic trials
  • 24-hour news invasion
  • The panic room
  • Terror from the swamp
  • The planet that slept
  • Planet of Rorys
  • Dawn of time!

Doctor Who Magazine Editar

  • The professor, the queen and the bookshop
  • The chains of Olympus
  • Sticks and stones

IDW PublishingEditar

Mini-series y one-shotsEditar

Doctor Who (2011)Editar

  • Spam filtered
  • Ripper's curse
  • They think it's all over
  • When worlds collide
Doctor Who Annual 2011Editar
  • Tuesday
  • Your destiny awaits
  • Space squid
  • Body snatched
  • Silent knight
  • As time goes by

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